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Info about Czech company purchase

Czech companies for sale


Recently we have prepared several Czech ready-made companies with CZ VAT number for you.

Recently we have following Czech ready-made companies prepared for immediate sale:

Company name Info Address Incorporated VAT payer Price Status
Company non-VAT payer   Prague 2017 no 599 € Order
Company VAT payer (EU VAT number)   Prague 2017 yes 999 € Order
Company VAT payer (CZ VAT number)   Prague 2017 yes 3.099 € Order
We have available dozens of companies for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for current offer.

Simplicity and speed!

  • fast and trouble-free establishment within 24-48 hours,
  • just valid ID card or passport is needed,
  • no need to travel anywhere, everything can be processed distantly via post or courier or personnaly in our office in Czech republic (Prague, Brno) or Slovakia (Bratislava, Komarno)!

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much is company liquidation



Price incl. fees and stamps
starts from 1.490 €

Company formation, liquidation, nominee services


Czech company s.r.o. formation 849 € 499 €
Czech company s.r.o. formation within 1 day
Company liquidation from 1.490 €
Nominee director / 12 months 990 €
Nominee shareholder / 12 months 990 €
Bookkeeping services per month from 75 €
Temporary residence permit in Czech republic for EU citizen for 1 year (Prague, Brno) from 1.499 €
Permanent residence permit in Czech republic for EU citizen for 1 year from 2.499 €
Visa to Czech republic (short-term or long-term) on request
Car registration 550 €

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Need virtual office?


We provide virtual office addresses in all districts of Prague, then in Brno, Ostrava.
You can choose to pay for 1 or 2 years in advance.
We recommend Prague 10!

Company liquidation

Do you need to end your business in Czech republic or Slovakia?

We are able to help you, in accordance with applicable legislation we will terminate your business and your company will be deleted from Commercial register as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So do not wait any longer! We will discreetly arrange the immediate purchase of your company, including all debts and liabilities. We propose a quick and professional solution to avoid problems with the executors, creditors, financial institutions, courts and authorities.

In our discreet services we provide:   

  • takeover of 100% shares in unwanted company,
  • merge of the company,
  • change of the director,
  • change of location and company name,
  • written protocol claiming the takeover of company's accounts,
  • preparation of legal documents within 24 hours,
  • processing all of documents to the Commercial register.

Liquidation of unwanted company within 24 hours!

Do you like our offer?

1. You can set up everything online
Fill in our online order form and we will send you all necessary informations regarding company liquidation to your e-mail.

2. Or contact us directly

Simply contact us at our numbers here and we will go through your request.

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