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I don't hurry with my business.
I don't want ready-made company, I will form my company.

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Czech companies for sale


Recently we have prepared several Czech ready-made companies with CZ VAT number for you.

Recently we have following Czech ready-made companies prepared for immediate sale:

Company name Info Address Incorporated VAT payer Price Status
Company non-VAT payer   Prague 2017 no 599 € Order
Company VAT payer (EU VAT number)   Prague 2017 yes 999 € Order
Company VAT payer (CZ VAT number)   Prague 2017 yes 3.099 € Order
We have available dozens of companies for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for current offer.

Simplicity and speed!

  • fast and trouble-free establishment within 24-48 hours,
  • just valid ID card or passport is needed,
  • no need to travel anywhere, everything can be processed distantly via post or courier or personnaly in our office in Czech republic (Prague, Brno) or Slovakia (Bratislava, Komarno)!

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much is Czech ready-made?


599 €

Czech company non-VAT payer
ready-made starts from


Sale of ready-made companies


Czech ready-made company s.r.o. (Ltd.) non-VAT payer  929 € 599 €
Ready-made company s.r.o. (Ltd.) VAT payer (CZ VAT) 3.499 € 3.099 €
Ready-made company s.r.o. (Ltd.) VAT payer (EU VAT)
1.999 € 999 €
Notarial record (change of name, number of shareholders, seat out of Prague) 349 €
Assistance in bank account opening / 1 account in Czech bank 199 €
Assistance in bank account opening / 1 account in Slovak, Polish or Hungarian bank 199 €

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Need virtual office?


We provide virtual office addresses in all districts of Prague, then in Brno, Ostrava.
You can choose to pay for 1 or 2 years in advance.
We recommend Prague 10!

Czech ready-made s.r.o. company with CZ VAT number purchase

Starting your business in Czech republic?

Are you planning to expand your business to Prague, Czech Republic?
Need professional services to start your business in Czech republic?

Then, the member of ELYOTT INVESTMENT GROUP Inc. is the right partner for you. We have been on the market for over 10 years and in that time we had successfully served thousands of clients who wanted to enter market in Czech Republic and expand their business in a new European territory. At present, we can set up a business anywhere in the Czech Republic, our office is based in Prague, but we are able to provide you our service in any area of Czech republic. Thanks to our wide portfolio of services, we are able to provide our clients with virtual office in Prague in 10 districts (!), Brno, Kladno, Ostrava and Olomouc..

For those who need to start a business in Czech republic immediately and can not afford to wait several weeks for the establishment of a new Czech S.R.O. Company - we have a solution - purchase Czech ready made S.R.O. company with CZ VAT number (or without VAT number). Sale of Czech s.r.o. company is the easiest way to instantly start a business with a foreign company while invoicing without VAT.

The price for Czech ready-made s.r.o. company includes:

  • professional consultation, comprehensive advice,
  • all documents necessary to transfer the shares of the Czech ready-made S.R.O.,
  • registration the company to the commercial register, including stamp duty,
  • income tax number and CZ VAT number (the status of the VAT payer).
With Czech S.R.O. company which is VAT payer, YOU CAN INVOICE YOUR GOODS OR SERVICES WITHOUT VAT to other EU countries. With Czech S.R.O. company which is VAT payer, YOU CAN BUY GOODS OR SERVIES WITHOUT VAT in other EU countries.

Czech READY-MADE company was founded exclusively for sale to customers and had never traded, it has clear history. You can start your business almost immediately after signing the necessary documents.

Czech READY-MADE S.R.O. has been already incorporated, has its registered address (seat) in Prague or Brno, it has no debts and it is ready to immediate sale to a client.

Advantages of Czech READY-MADE s.r.o. company purchase:

  • speed - you can start your business immediately during just 1 visit at our office in Prague, Brno or Bratislava,
  • the basic capital of the company in amount of 200.000 CZK or 12 CZK is already fully paid,
  • company has 1 general trading license,
  • company has its ID number, tax number and also CZ VAT number or EU VAT number,
  • it is not neccessary to come to Czech republic for purchasing a company,
  • we can process EVERYTHING via post or during just 1 visit at our office,
  • accounting of the Czech company is made in Prague,
  • register your car in Czech republic and get Czech license plate on your car.

Start your business in Czech republic now!

Do you like our offer?

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2. Or contact us directly

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