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Run your business in UK!

Establish your new British UK LTD company now and get international prestige. Run your business with LTD company and protect your assets and know-how. And ... pay less taxes!

Accounting services


We are also able to provide you with accounting services for your LTD company. You have everything under control with us.

How much is British UK LTD?


499 €

The price is FINAL including all fees
499 € + virtual office in London


British UK companies


British UK Ltd. company formation
599 € 499 €
Virtual office in London / 12 months 100 €
Nominee director / 12 months 550 €
Nominee shareholder / 12 months 550 €
Nominee secretary / 12 months 250 €
Apostille - Standard (4 weeks) 250 €
Apostille - Express (8 days) 450 €
Certificate of Good Standing - Standard (2 weeks) 120 €
Certificate of Good Standing - Express (5 days) 240 €
Assistance in bank account opening / 1 account in Czech bank 249 €
Assistance in bank account opening / 1 account in Slovak bank 199 €
Bookkeeping services per month from 75 €
Renewal yearly fee 399 €

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Virtual office services in London!

We provide virtual office services at very prestigious address in London, the capital city of Great Britain. You can order your address for 12 months in advance.
Do not hesitate and order your London seat now!

British LTD company formation

Starting your business in Great Britain?

Are you planning to expand your business to England?
Need professional services to start your business in England?

Then, the member of ELYOTT INVESTMENT GROUP Inc. is the right partner for you. We have been on the market for over 10 years and in that time we had successfully served thousands of clients who wanted to enter market in Great Britain and expand their business in a new European territory. At present, we can set up a business in England in London.

UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is a member of the European Union and provides long-term economic and political stability. Compared to any other country in Europe the the establishment LTD company is really quick and easy. UK LTD Company is owned by its owner (shareholder) who holds the shares.

British UK Limited (LTD) company provides an excellent opportunity for global or local business in the EU, in Asia or the US or in holding shares in other entities, or in real estate business. The company can also be used for holding purposes.

Major advantages of British UK LTD company:

  • reputation for reliability and high image,
  • high reputation in international trade,
  • stable legal system in the UK,
  • there is no obligation to create (pay) the basic capital,
  • limited shareholders' liability to the amount of capital,
  • speed and simplicity of incorporation and low fees,
  • just one shareholder and managing director needs to be established,
  • company can perform in all legal activities.

British UK LTD company formation

The LTD company incorporation in UK, Great Britain is relatively fast. Usually just 1-2 identity documents are needed to form the company and it is then normally established within 48 hours. The delivery of founding documents to the client takes approx. 8 to 12 days. In the standard package, the client is named as a shareholder and director in the company, but it is also possible to order a nominee service (appointed by shareholder and director) for additional fee, so the client gets the total anonymity - the name of the beneficial owner and director will never be published and shown in the Companies House.

Neccessary things to establish British UK LTD company   

  • choice of company's name (LTD abbreviation or Limited stands after the name),
  • at least 1 director and 1 shareholder needs to be established,
  • a physical or legal entity can be the shareholder of the company,
  • there is no need to have a permanent residence permit in Great Britain for the director,
  • company's registered seat - we provide our virtual office services in London,
  • the amount of basic capital is not set - 1 £ or any other is suggested (doesn't have to be paid up),
  • verification of signatures by a notary,
  • there is no need to submit criminal record.

Additional costs and services

  • ANONYMITY - nominee services,
  • secretary of the company - additional service, can simplify the communication with UK state offices,
  • apostilles,
  • Certificate of Good Standing,
  • official translations,
  • accounting services (needed only in case the company will trade and won't be set up for only holding purposes),
  • mail forwarding.

Simplicity and speed!    

  • fast and trouble-free establishment within 48 hours,
  • just valid ID card or passport is needed,
  • no need to travel anywhere, everything can be processed in our office in Prague, Brno, Bratislava or Komarno or even via post or courier!

Start your business in Great Britain now!

Do you like our offer?

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